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The Best Things in Life are made from Scratch

In the South, we take our food seriously. Cooking food isn’t just a means to fuel ourselves - it’s a matter of pride. At Spring Chicken we take this to heart. That’s why we start with better ingredients and fresh produce to bring out the quality of our recipes. Recipes that have been handed down for generations. 

And that is where the heart of our story lies: fresh, honest flavors made with premium ingredients. Anyone can get locally sourced produce, but not everyone can take that produce and create a meal so gosh darn delicious you feel jealous of yourself for getting the privilege of consuming it. We proudly make everything from scratch in–house everyday, from our secret recipe sauces to our fine fried chicken. Sure, it’s the hard way. We could cut corners and save a nickle. But the food won’t taste as good. And when it comes to honoring the flavors of our Southern roots, we refuse to compromise